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Bondi Blue

Bondi Blue Vodka Twin Pack

Bondi Blue Vodka Twin Pack

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Bondi Blue Vodka - Twin Back (2 x Bottles)

The Vodka of Australia
Bondi Blue Vodka is delicately and precisely distilled 5 times using only the finest Australian wheat grains sourced from local wheat farms around Australia.

To ensure Bondi Blue is the smoothest tasting Vodka you can find, we carefully run our blended spirit through a series of charcoal filters that guarantee clarity and absolute perfection,leaving us with the finest made Vodka on offer.

Once our distillers are satisfied that all impurities have been removed, we are left with the heart of Bondi Blue;

Pure, Untainted, High-proof Alcohol.

We cut this down to bottle strength by blending the purest filtered Australian water sourced from local naturally ancient catchments, this water comes ready to drink from the catchments but we make it that much more special by filtering and combining it with our beautiful tasting Australian Vodka.

Wherever you are in the world, drinking Bondi Blue will take you to the Amazing Place that is; Australia.

All together Bondi Blue Vodka captures Australia in a bottle.

Other Information
The price is for 2 x Bottle which is 750 ml & contains 40% alcohol

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